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Adamís Animals


Adam Hurst was truly an unusual person. He lived life to the fullest and in a way that made his parents and those of us who knew him proud. His mother once said he had an old soul in a young body. What impressed people most about Adam was his spirit. He never failed to be courteous and positive. He was passionate and caring. He was funny, creative, fun living, uplifting and a good student. In July of 1999, Adam was diagnosed with leukemia. That August, he was gone.

Adam was an incoming student to the Collin Theatre program and in the short time that we got to know him he made quite an impression on us all. Each year, the Collin Theatre Center assists the Hurst family in helping the children at Medical City - where their son Adam was a patient that year.

While Adam was in the hospital, he received a stuffed frog. This frog remained on Adamís shoulder during blood transfusions, spinal taps, chemotherapy and many sleepless nights. That year, the Hurst family established a new program, Adamís Animals.  On August 17, they start collecting new stuffed animals to take to the children at Medical City Ė where children age newborn to 20 years old receive pediatric care - where Adam received care.

Then, on November 14, Adamís birthday, the Hursts deliver the collection of NEW stuffed animals and balloons to the children. The remaining animals will be given to each child who is admitted and readmitted during the year. Every year, they begin a new campaign on August 17 to collect NEW stuffed animals for these children and then take them to the children on November 14.


Each NEW stuffed animal delivered brings love, hope, friendship, and the knowledge that someone cares.  Your contributions help bring joy to children who need special attention in their lives.  Parents, doctors, nurses and EMTs get to see the children smile, if only for a moment.

Please join the Collin Theatre Center in supplying NEW stuffed animals to give to these children.

Sandra Snyder, Coordinator of Adam's Animals
with Leslie Self, 2000 and 2001 award recipient

Adam Hurst "Spirit of Collin Award"

Each year, the Collin College Theatre Faculty honors a student who most closely embodies the qualities of Adam.  The recipient is announced during the annual Collin Theatre Center Awards Ceremony ... and the recipient is required to make their acceptance speech while wearing a green frog on top of their head!

The Adam Hurst "Spirit of Collin Award" is considered one of the top awards a Collin Theatre student can receive.

Recipients of the
Adam Hurst "Spirit of Collin Award"

Leslie Self
(2000 and 2001)

hrissy Ludlum

Leigh Ann Metcalf

Michael Maresca

Danni Wilkins

Thomas Renner

Dan Schmoker

Matthew Johnson

Colleen O'Connor

Amanda Reyes

ana Goff

elanie Boswell

Jacob Valle

Emily Davenport

Hayden Chauffe

Kendrick Sam

Kathryn "Kat" Marbry


To contribute to Adam's Animals, or for more information,
please contact Shannon Kearns (972-881-5621).

Visit the Adam's Animals web site at:

Or email Jeff and Gena Hurst directly at
adamsanimals@hotmail.com, or